I have to brag about this book! Piranesi is the most elegant, masterfully woven tale of magical realism I have red to date this year — if not the last few years, to be honest. Though on the surface it’s a quiet, richly detailed labyrinthine literary adventure, underneath the narrative lies a symbolic depiction of one […]

  For fans of Clue, this is your classic whodunnit murder mystery, complete with a number of characters named after the familiar colors on the game board. While The Maid begins a s a lighthearted caper, the plot winds through a series of unexpected twists and turns, enmeshing you in the question of whether or not you’re dealing […]

Published on March 3, 2022 by Noctivagant Press. Click on “Pond Woman” above to read.

Copies are available for purchase online at https://noctivagantpress.co.uk/shop.

Drawing Charcoal Progress Sketch  - KaylinArt / Pixabay

  Recently, I walked into my first drawing class not knowing what to expect. I’m a writer, but I wanted to explore other avenues of creative expression. Not only does it make great artistic fodder, but it’s fun, right? Letting our creative sides run wild.  I quickly realized I was surrounded by a number of […]

  Brooms up!  Little did I know I was in for such an adventure when I picked up Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster. This book transported me to Victorian London in a way no other book has – from the point of view of a young orphan chimney sweep named Nan Sparrow. Her […]