Fascinated by djinn, I was swept into this story from page one. Shrouded in mystery and fantastic lore, the elusive, powerful magic of the ancient djinn races lies at the heart of this month’s book of choice. First in S.A. Chakraborty’s Daevabad Trilogy, The City of Brass will not fail to disappoint.

Especially not if you love jinnis as much as I do…

From the bustling streets of eighteenth-century Cairo to the towering brass walls surrounding legendary Daevabad, home to djinn of multiple sparring tribes, you will be swept up in Nahri’s adventure to discover who she is and what importance her nebulous heritage and magical abilities will have on her future.

Meet Dara. An Afshin warrior-djinn Nahri summons who is bound to Daevabad as much as Nahri, but whose dangerous past looms as a threat over their growing relationship.

Meet Ali. A zulfiqar-wielding, dashing Geziri prince who is destined to become Qaid, the top military official in the Royal Guard of Daevabad’s djinn army, and at desperate odds with his father’s political machinations to maintain control over the kingdom.

Chakraborty’s characters will entrance you. I guarantee you will feel transported to another realm, a lush kingdom rife with palace intrigue and political turmoil.

Please hurry.

Read this book so I’m not tempted to spoil anything after I’ve torn through the rest of the trilogy.

If you manage to put the book down long enough to drop me a note and let me know what you think, I won’t keep you long. I know how it goes.

I’ve already bought Book Two, The Kingdom of Copper.

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